Business and Corporate Law

At Sparkman Foote Minor, we know, think and speak business. Our attorneys offer a broad range of transactional, litigation, and general counsel services to companies and non-profit organizations. We employ creative and innovative thinking, along with vast experience, to provide exceptional legal counsel, guidance, and representation to companies throughout the United States and abroad.
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The firm maintains a substantial tax practice. In each Houston and Denver, two attorneys hold expertise in the federal income taxation of businesses, and of federal estate taxation. In addition, Sparkman Foote Minor has substantial experience with Colorado and Texas sales, use and franchise taxes. Our attorneys will advise, negotiate and draft for you.

Real Estate

The firm handles a range of real estate transactions, including development, construction, financing, title issues, selling and purchasing. In all of these transactions, Sparkman Foote Minor provides the services of advising, negotiating and document drafting. Some of the firm’s attorneys have been involved in real estate transactions for over thirty years, and in several states.

Attorney Responsibility

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to issues of attorney regulation and professional misconduct. Our firm advises other attorneys, law firms, and in-house counsel on legal ethics, and provides expert witness services related to these matters. As actively involved, and long-standing members of the Ethics Committee of the Colorado Bar Association, our firm’s attorneys have the comprehensive understanding of attorney regulation you need.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Our firm’s bankruptcy attorney has over thirty-five years of experience, and represented all of the various constituencies that appear in a bankruptcy case, throughout the United States. Currently, Sparkman Foote Minor LLP’s bankruptcy practice is exclusively limited to representing persons other than the debtor, including secured and unsecured creditors. Our team of attorneys, with their experience in both M&As and bankruptcy reorganizations, are a tremendous asset to anyone seeking to make an acquisition from a bankruptcy estate.

Intellectual Property

Your ideas, brand, creations are important, and we know that. At Sparkman Foote Minor, we aid our clients in understanding, formulating, developing, obtaining rights, and protecting their intellectual property. We provide advice on local, national, and international Intellectual Property protection and enforcement strategies, as well as brand and portfolio management.

Arts & Entertainment

We're here to help you transform your ideas and talent into something more by offering legal counsel to creatives and creative enterprises. We offer guidance to artists, architects, authors, designers, photographers, musicians, galleries, museums, and to all others pursuing creative endeavors. Our goal is to focus is on the business and legal issues, so that you can spend more time doing what you do best with assurance that your rights are protected.